DIY – How To Create a 360 Camera Invisible Tripod

How to create a invisible tripod for a 360 camera

During my first experimentations with a 360 camera, I used a standard tripod.

The I experimented with photoshop to create a unique Nadir logo for each of the scenes I created. The goal was to make the nadir feel a real part of the scene and make it blend with the environment:

The results were quite satisfying… But quite time consuming as well!

So I decided to create a tripod that would not be visible, and I thought “what if I could use 2 insta360 invisible stick together?”

It totally worked because the bottom of the stick can receive a standard 1/4 20 screw.

The I went trought my construction left overs and found a garden light that was very robust, and just started removing the top and drilling a whole to connect the sticks.

And voilà!

The results are near perfect.