How to create an invisible tripod for a 360 camera

During my first experimentations with a 360 camera, I used a standard tripod, and we can clearly see it in the shot. Anybody who tried 360 will tell you that it breaks the immersion .

To avoid showing the tripod in my videos, I experimented with different ways to hide it. At first, I tried a simple logo surrounded with a faded shadow, but as you can see, it does not feel blended.

Then I experimented with photoshop to create a unique Nadir logo for each of the scenes I created. The goal was to make the nadir feel a real part of the scene and make it blend with the current environment. So I cut and pasted a real part of the scene on top of the tripod like this:

If you take tike to look at it closely, you will see many work was done on this image. The stamp tool was used many times over. Also the edge is degraded with a texture that matches the soil. Also the color of the logo was de-saturated to fit more naturally. Here is the result:

TADA!!! No more tripod! Feels 100% natural. The logo is even interesting to see. But wait, I have to do this for all my scenes?

The results were quite satisfying… But quite time consuming as well!

I decided to create a tripod that would not be visible

It suddenly stuck me that Insta360 called their selfie stick the “invisible selfie stick”. What if I could use 2 insta360 invisible stick together? Would it be strong enough? How could I glue them together?

Well no need for glue! They are totally design to attach one after another!  The bottom of the stick can receive a standard 1/4 20 screw.

The only missing part was how can I make all stand up without any legs. I started searching on amazon and found this:


I thought it was the perfect part to make the selfie stick stand on its own.

I went trought my construction left overs and found a garden light that was very robust, and just started removing the top and drilling a whole to connect the sticks.

And voilà!

The results are near perfect.

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